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Welcome to A Basic Tutorial, and indeed, to the wonderful (if sometimes wacky!) world of ChoiceScript Game Development.

There are a number of basics concepts that are necessary to understand in learning, using and discussing ChoiceScript, and this tutorial is here to help get you familiarized with concepts and topics that you should know in order to better understand the rest of this Wiki.

Tutorial Contents

This Introduction to ChoiceScript Game Development tutorial links a series of Wiki articles, each intended to expand upon the information given in previous articles and thereby gradually provide the new user with a thorough grounding in the various basic concepts of ChoiceScript Game Development.

Although each article is listed and linked below for your convenience, for brand new authors we highly recommend starting with the first one and following the "Next Tutorial Article" link provided at the bottom of each page included in the Tutorial.

1. Glossary of Terms

2. Development Tools

3. Setting up ChoiceScript

4. Startup.txt

5. Scenes

6. Variable Types

7. Data Types

8. Indentation

9. Basic Scene Scripting

10. Displaying Variables

11. Basic Scripting Techniques

12. Stats Screen

13. Arithmetic Operators

14. Concatenation

15. Publishing Your Game

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