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    The *achieve command is used to award the player with a pre-defined Achievement at a particular point in your game.

Usage and syntax

This command may be used in any Scene file, and the same Achievement can be awarded in multiple places if desired. The *achieve command is used to award both 'hidden' and 'visible' Achievements, with no difference in the actual syntax required.

Achievements are themselves defined in the Startup file using the *achievement command, with each assigned a unique 'codename' able to then be used as reference by the actual *achieve command, as follows:

*achieve mystery1

The above example will activate the Achievement assigned the codename of 'mystery1', awarding that Achievement to the player in the form of a pop-up banner on their game screen, and updating the Achievements page accordingly. If a previously 'hidden' Achievement, its details will finally be revealed to the player.

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