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Game Description[]

In Aeon Sage, you take the role of a security officer on the titular ship, where everything seems to go wrong. First, you're doing the same sort of annoying day to day tasks as where you were a rent-a-cop, then you're spending your time searching for a stowaway, and then people start turning up dead! Who did it? Why did they do it? When are they going to strike again? See if you can find out!

Design Notes[]

Aeon Sage is a more typical story driven CoG game, but does have some unique design elements to set it apart.

- First, Aeon Sage's setting is one that I've worked on for years, one that I've lived and breathed in, and one that I intend to use again and again, so it has been lovingly crafted from the ground up with more in mind that just fulfilling one plot. I think this gives the entire world a much deeper and much more expansive feel, to the point of feeling much more like a real world.

- Second, Aeon Sage is heavily grounded in reality. Virtually everything is drawn from real hard science, making the world feel closer to home, and the characters and their actions feel that much more personal and closer to home.

- Third, It's the small things that matter. I try to constantly pull from the character's previous decisions to make minor alterations that do not deserve a choice to make every playthrough that much more personal. Each decision you make not only changes the main path of the story, but it also changes all the little details around you. If you make your character act mean, they will really act mean, but if you make them nice, they keep acting nice.

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