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    The *allow_reuse command is only used to counter an overriding *hide_reuse command at the top of a scene.


The *hide_reuse command, if used at the top of a scene without indentation (as seen in the example below), prevents any *choice options -- anywhere in this same scene -- from being selected a second time in those instances where your scripting loops back (*goto home in the example below) to again display the same *choice list.

However, in those cases where you do intend for a particular *choice option to be selectable more than once regardless, preceding that option with *allow_reuse will enable this, as in the following example:


*label Home

What do you want to do next?


    *allow_reuse #Eat some food.

        You eat some food and feel refreshed.

        *goto Home


        You're not tired enough!

        *goto Home

    #Go outside.

        It's raining outside so you decide to stay inside.

        *goto Home

In the above example, the "Sleep" and "Go outside" options will not be displayed again once selected by the player (due to the overriding *hide_reuse command) but the "Eat some food" option will always be selectable when this *choice option list is displayed, due to the specific *allow_reuse command for that option.


Confused? For a clearer understanding of the purpose of *hide/*allow, it would probably be best to approach this topic from the point of view of the more-detailed *hide_reuse command, as *allow_reuse is the minor exception, not the main command for this purpose.

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