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ChoiceScript is a simple javascript-based scripting language developed by Adam-Strong Morse and Dan Fabulich for the purpose of writing long-form, text-based, multiple-choice games. It is available for free on the ChoiceOfGames Website.

The simplicity of the language allows authors without prior programming knowledge to easily create and code games in the style of the 1980s "Choose your own adventure" books, while retaining the depth and scope of a bestselling novel.

Choicescript games

Choice of Games

Choice of Games is the major label under which ChoiceScript games are published. Previously published or experienced authors are considered to write games under this label.

Hosted Games

Main article: Publishing your game

New or inexperienced authors may also submit their completed games to be considered for publication under the Hosted Games label.

Heart's Choice

As of June 2017, Choice of Games have launched their Heart's Choice label specifically for Romance stories and including stories containing Adult Content.

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