ChoiceScript Wiki

    The *ending command is intended to be used at the "end" of the game, whether the actual, final scene end or in the event of character death / inability to continue in the story for some other reason.


The *ending command will display for the player a *choice of 4 options, as follows:


    #Play again.

    #Play more games like this.

    #Share this game with friends.

    #Email me when new games are available.

1. Play again.

This will replay the game from the very beginning.

2. Play more games like this.

This will take the player to the ChoiceOfGames Website Page .

3. Share this game with friends.

This will display some text as follows:

Please support our work by sharing this game with friends! The more people
play, the more resources we'll have to work on the next game.

This will be followed by 4 links that take you to the app store to rate the application, and also to Stumbleupon, to Twitter and to Facebook (NB: these links don't show up yet; they may show up in a future ChoiceScript update).

4. Email me when new games are available.

This will open the player's default email package and send a subscription email, to be notified whenever new games are added.

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