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Game Description

Heal is an interactive fiction in which you follow the life of a young Daia healer named Nemi Macska just as she joins a company of adventurers led by the enigmatic Otho Wesmok. You will follow Nemi from the end of her apprenticeship and on her travels with Otho and their companions - wherever that may lead. As a Daia healer, you hold the power of life and death in your own hands, a rare talent - but also a dangerous one. What you do with that power, and the attention it may attract, is down to you.

Designer's Notes

I suppose my inspiration is taken from rpgs like Ultima, where you travel in a party of companions, one of which had the fun job of healing duties. Nemi is a character in that vein.

I very much enjoy COG/hosted games titles where there's acknowledgement to your decisions - however small - so I've tried to do this in Heal. Also, my primary focus is less on branching paths, and more on relationships with other characters. So the story itself is going to be fairly linear, but the way people speak and react to you is really going to be quite different depending on how you speak to them, how you handle certain situations etc.

Heal is set in the realm of Feldtree, a setting which is not disimilar to medieval Europe, where its people and rulers observe customs very close to those seen in medieval feudal societies (i.e. Lords own land, farmers work the land and are taxed by the lord in return for protection etc.)