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    The *input_number command allows the player to input a number into a field.

It works the same way as *input_text, with two major differences:

  • the player is only allowed to input numeric characters and when writing the command,
  • it's not enough to specify a variable; you have to specify a minimum and maximum number so that the player can't write a number smaller than the minimum one or higher than the maximum one you specify


In order to use this command, you must *create a variable in startup.txt (or create a *temp (temporary) variable in the scene file) to be modified by the player's input.

*temp coins 0

How many gold coins do you have?

*input_number coins 50 100

In this example, the player may input a certain number of "coins", which modifies the "coin" variable. The game will only allow the player to input a number between 50 and 100.

Known input_number Bug

Note that there is a known *input_number related game-stopping bug when playing a ChoiceScript game using Microsoft's Internet Explorer. It does not occur in any other browsers, and there is no known workaround.

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