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Game Description[]

"When you wake up in the middle of nowhere and find yourself in the past with no way back to your own time, you must start life again in Ancient Greece. Will you align yourself with either Athens, Sparta or Olympia. But things will not be that easy. What will you do to make a livelihood: trade olives across the land and become a rich merchant or become a soldier to defend your city and participate in the Greeco-Persian Wars or maybe even proclaim yourself as a god. Will you ever be able to return to your own time or remain here for ever."

Designer Notes[]

The Game also has/will have some special features:

  • Three main paths, one where you tell everyone you are from the future, second where you can remain silent and live normally, and third, you tell them that you are a god.
  • The Stats will named after the Greek gods and each god represents a special attribute.
  • As to the people, you may be just a foreigner, so as such you will have to pay taxes, so there will be jobs like Teaching and Farming.
  • Interaction with not just your own city state, but with multipe city states from across Greece and maybe even other Civilizations like Egytians or Persians.
  • A mix of Historical events such as festivals and wars and fake events.