ChoiceScript Wiki

Welcome to the land of the Monarchial Rule, a land of mystery, intrigue, and war. Enter the Monarchial Military, be you a promising new recruit, or a simple infantry man doomed to die in battle.

Project Goals[]

  • ====Longevity====

Too many choicescript games suffer the same fate. They are well written, interesting, and intrigueing. You play for a half hour or so, and really get into it... then it's over. Too many games end quickly, and often unsatisfactorly. This game, while currently short, will be expanded to have an hour or more of play time. On top of this, plans are in place to implement a save system, and to update the game, constantly releasing new content to enhance your experience.

  • ====Variation====

The greatest part of choicescript is undoubtedly it's ability to create an extensive game, one where your choices matter, because they make up the entirety of the game. However, too often, you play through a game, and unwilling to let it end, play through it again. It is in this second, or mayber a third or even fourth playthrough that you realize that those choices don't actually matter. Sure, there is minor variation, the occasional side plot, but for the most part it is still the same game. Plans for this development will hopefully create three different but intertwining plotlines, each with a lot more room for variation than usual