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Game Description[]

Step into the armor plated boots of a medieval warrior in 15th century England. Experience what it was like fighting in the Hundred Years' War, join the Lancastrians or Yorkists in crowning the next King of England or carve your own tale through blood, steel and glory.

Designer's Notes[]

Medieval Moments will be about a soldier who starts his journey from a small village in late 14th or early 15th century England. The direction of the game is still not completely thought out, but will mostly include actual historical events (battles mostly), slightly changed to portray the game's features (and you will be able to change them according to your choices).

I plan to make the game mostly non linear, and players will have realistic choices for each event. I wish to make it an accurate depiction (as much as I can) of the time period. Sorry fans of the fantasy genre, but it will not have elves or dwarves or dragons. That means no magic either. Hope you will still like it though.

I am a little wary of adding the church into the game since many of the non Christians can be offended. Since I'm not Christian myself, I cannot guarantee an accurate depiction of the Roman Catholic church of the time period either, but I'm also loath to remove it as well since it was a great player in state politics and everyday lives. I will see the feedback before making a decision.

For female players; Ladies, there might be tiny amount of sexism coming from NPC's within the game. I assure you that I am not sexist and hope that my addition of a female character playthrough is proof of that. The male and female playthroughs are different in many aspects but will be balanced out to offer an enjoyable and realistic experience.

In its current state the game cannot be called a demo. Maybe half a demo since entire parts are still incomplete but it will offer an understanding of what the completed game will be like.