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Game Description

Imagine a world before comforts, frozen food and cars and planes. Imagine a world where there is no one dominant species on the planet. Imagine a world where the difference between hunter, survivor and prey is a narrow one. Imagine a world where the earth, skies and oceans are filled with a range of deadly and bloodthristy predators and where only the strongest, most cunning and resourceful beings can survive, much less thrive.

Imagine the world of OZOIC.

In Ozoic, you become a member of a tribe of intelligent hunters on a world where all the ancient creatures of our own Earth's prehistory co-exist across a brutal landscape of vast plans, humid swamps, towering cliffs and frozen tundras. Your actions will determine the success of your peoples as they struggle against the elements, hostile wild life and rival tribes, not to mention the power struggles of dominance from within. Will you focus on becoming the leader of your group or become one of its many members? Can you choose a landscape to settle down for good in and once there, can you manage to survive the challenges that place presents? In Ozoic only your choices and decisions will say if you can survive long enough to see your tribe give rise to the next generation... or if you will be wiped from the face of the Earth.

Designer's Notes

(This project is on hold whilst I work on other, simplier projects.)