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    The *page_break command is used to break up longer sections of narrative into two or more pages (thereby reducing the off-putting "wall of text" effect), or sometimes simply to heighten story suspense.


By default the *page_break command displays a button with the simple word "Next".

However, you can change the button wording to anything you like, simply by adding the required text to the command itself, as follows:

You sit for just a brief rest, knowing that you must push on before nightfall.

*page_break Three hours later . . .

A mournful howl startles you awake. Night has cloaked the forest in shadow.

You can now also use Italic text on a *page_break button (all button text is Bold by default):

*page_break [i]Three hours later . . .[/i]

Notes and tips

If your game allows for the demise of the player-character, so includes descriptive "death scenes" or similar, consider inserting a *page_break just before that actual fact is made known to the player. Nothing ruins story suspense more than a new page of narrative loading, only to see a tell-tale "Play Again" at the very bottom . . .

If you include multiple smaller story scenes within a single scene file, consider beginning each such scene with a *page_break, on the line immediately following that scene's own starting *label, and before any narrative. The reason for establishing this "good practice" is that you will find yourself creating scenes often branching into multiple different routes, many (or perhaps even all) of which ultimately *goto the next new scene label|*label. By knowing that you will have a *page_break at the very start of that new section, you don't have to remember to put a *page_break before each & every single *goto pointing to that particular *label.

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