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Game Description

Red Moon I: Rise and Conquer is an RPG, situated in medieval times, where you play as a person which was living in a village that was raided by "The Raiders". In this game, you can do from anything to everything: go fishing, hunting, build houses, warmachines or even villages, siege other villages and forts, craft/smelt weapons, armor and items, build your own ships, fight with pirates, transport goods over the seas, become a cook, buy horses and go jousting with them, go mining, make friends, get married, and ultimately, follow the storyline.

The storyline won't be a fixed one; you'll be able to select how the storyline will progress. Will you ally with your enemies and destroy all the other villages, will you help some of the factions, or will you just make your own faction? It's entirely up to you. Explore over 30 locations, including villages, forests and mountains; each being different to the other.

Designer's Notes

With this game, I want to demonstrate what can be done with ChoiceScript. Although it's a programming language for story-based games, I want to prove that making story-based games isn't the limit in ChoiceScript. Below, I'll point out what makes this game different from the others:

  • Health/Armor Display (as soon as you finish the customization, you'll see the display)
  • Difficulty System (Easy/Medium/Hard)
  • Being an RPG (I didn't see any RPGs in CS when I started working on this)
  • Diversity of Stats (all of the stats are used throughout the game)
  • Inventory System (It has been done in other games, but not in the same manner as in my game)
  • Item Storing System (store items in chests, spells on shelves and weapons/armor on the weapon/armor supports)
  • Sandbox way of playing (you're the one that chooses how the storyline goes on; you're also the one that chooses if the storyline goes on)
  • Level up/XP System (each level brings you 5 learning points; if you reach a certain XP, you level up)
  • Teachers/Learning Point System (the same as in Gothic 3: Spend your learning points at "teachers", and learn new skills or increase your current attributes)
  • Combat System (way different than other CS games containing combat systems; it's a turn-based combat system)
  • Sounds! You can listen to soundtracks while playing the game, straight from the browser; they also work on all major browsers and platforms, like Android or iOS (the current soundtracks will be replaced with specific game soundtracks some time in the future)