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    The *scene_list command is used to create a chronological list of all the scenes in the game, so that it may be referenced by commands such as *finish. This command is exclusive to the startup.txt file and cannot be used in any other game file.


The *scene_list command should follow the *title and *author commands but come before any other commands included in that file, such as *create, as shown in the example below.

*title My First ChoiceScript Game

*author Jane Doe


*create var1 0
*create var2 true
*create var3 ""

The *scene_list command is used by ChoiceScript to govern the game navigation through your various scene files, by enabling you to provide a sequential list of scene files - listed in the order in which they are intended to be played through.

When ChoiceScript hits a *finish command in any scene file it will check the *scene_list to determine which scene follows the current one, and then proceed to load it. To use the example list above, if it encounters a *finish command while running chapter2, it will know from the *scene_list to load chapter3, and so forth.

For each entry in the *scene_list there must be a text file of that exact name (excluding only the .txt file extension) currently present in the game's 'scenes' folder (..web\mygame\scenes). If that precise filename does not exist there, the game will crash with a 'Couldn't load URL' error.

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