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The *show_password command is used if and when you want to allow the player to save the game.


When used, it will create a text box containing a long password; something like in the image to the right.


Although this password looks like it's randomly generated, it's not. ChoiceScript has something called "Obfuscator", which converts some alphanumerical characters to other characters, codifying the password this way.

This password contains data about your current game; all the variables in the game, codified, with their values included, the scene name, etc.

If you made a game and you've set up index.html so that error reports come to your mail, if you get an error message you'll see the error name, the scene file, the platform the game was played on (iOS, Android etc.) and all the variables used within the game.

This is what the password looks like, deobfuscated (not codified). The password's length depends on the number of variables used within the game (the password on the right is of a game having over 400 variables).

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