ChoiceScript Wiki

Most choicescript authors, new or old alike, look for tools to test their game on the target platforms. This page has the sinlge purpose of teaching how to test and install your game on Android devices.


Let’s make this through several steps:

  1. Compile your game into an HTML file (don’t forget to add plugins like save plugins if you want - if you need help here’s the link to a question posted on Choice of Games Forum - Save Plugin after compilation); For this step you may use either the compiler included on the CoG zip file or the one in the CSIDE.
  2. Create a folder where you paste your HTML file and assets (images, audio, etc);
  3. Rename your compiled HTML file to “index” (file will be then “index.html”);
  4. Download software Website2Apk (if you can spare the money, buy the premium version);
  5. Open the folder where your HTML file and assets are;
  6. Done! Build the apk file and send it to your Android device.

Don’t forget. This apk, as well as the HTML version can ONLY be shared for FREE. If you want to monetize your game please contact Choice of Games LLC.