ChoiceScript Wiki

Game description[]

This is a plot-driven short story surrounding a single moral question, set at the end of this millennium (when not much has changed: money is tight, bosses aren't perfect, and family is weird). The player is a scientist trying to make a career out of studying Jupiter. Things get complicated when he discovers something he is not meant to know.

Designer's notes[]

I am cutting my teeth on choicescript by turning TAC (an unpublished mini-gamebook I wrote as a conventional CYOA text) into a COG game. Coming soon are additions for choosing your own name and gender. I am still learning a lot about alpha and beta testing/code, and this is a hobby outside my busy dayjobs, so thanks for your patience with me.

Eventually, I hope to rewrite a longer gamebook of mine into choicescript. This one is more of an attempt to learn the language, as I've never programmed before.