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Game Description

Monsters are real.

The S.R.T. (Supernatural Response Team), are an organisation formed in direct response to the event we now call "Case Zero". The first documented, authentic case showing the existence of the darker side of humanity...

As the only survivor of "Case Zero" you work to become the newest recruit in the S.R.T. to prevent others from experiencing the same loss as you.

Designer's Notes

Author: Matthew Bellingham (Nocturnal_Stillness on the forums)

About the Author: My name is Matt, and I've been writing stories since forever (my first story was written when I was 9 and I'm 29 now (as of 28/09/1983). My niche tends to be horror stories, but I have dabbled in both science-fiction and fantasy.

Designer's Notes: My aim for Unnatural is to treat it like a TV series with each game being classed as a "season" and each chapter an "episode". I am working on Season One at the moment (Currently finishing off Episode 3 with another two episodes for "Season One".) During the game you gain unnatural abilities and the player can choose to improve them or ignore them and focus on improving their physical skills.